1. Looking To Sell Your Luxury Home In Northern Colorado? Here’s How To Prepare

      When it’s time to sell your luxury home in Northern Colorado, it’s a different experience than when most people sell a standard home. There are a few advantages you have, and it’s important that you take full advantage of them. Find the right real estate agent: Finding a real estate agent who specialized in luxury home is a must. It’s a very specific market, and buying high-cost pro…Read More

  2. 3 Reasons Why Owning A Luxury Home Might Be A Necessity

      You might wonder how we can claim that luxury can be a necessity. After all, it’s right there in the name...luxury home. But sometimes luxury can be a necessity. Let’s take a look at three reasons you might need a luxury home here in Northern Colorado. Inspiration: If you’re the head of a company, having a large home isn’t just about showing off. It can be a way to inspire your empl…Read More

  3. Looking For Investment Real Estate To Build Your Luxury Home On?

      Take a look at Manhattan. Every inch of it covered in buildings (except for Central Park, of course). People want to live there, but there’s just no more space. Now take a look at Northern Colorado’s front range. Still lots of space, right? Well, yes and no. It’s true that there’s still farm land, and that it does get sold to make room for housing. But the companies who are buying t…Read More

  4. The Best Reasons Your Luxury Home Should Hold At Least Three Cars

      People often think about the amount of space that you get in the main part of the home...the extra bedrooms, the dining room, the large kitchen. But another great aspect of a luxury home that people can forget about is the size of the garage. What’s going to end up there? The family car - Whether you’ve got kids in the house or not, there’s still the family car. It might be a new Toyo…Read More

  5. Owning A Luxury Home In Northern Colorado…Is It A Want Or Need?

    Let’s be honest. Owning in a luxury home is often more about “wants” than “needs.” You want a home theater, you want lots of space, you want to have a wine cellar and a large garage. But wait…all of those “wants” can go into the “needs” category pretty easily. Let’s take a look. Home theater room: If you’ve got teenagers, a home theater can be a great parenting tool. Teens …Read More

  6. Who’s Going To Buy My Luxury Home When I’m Ready To Sell?

      You might be wondering, “should I invest my money in a luxury home here in Northern Colorado?” Perhaps you think that there will be no one around to buy when you decide to sell. Well, let us tell you about the people who might be buying your home when you move: Colorado is minting millionaires: Sometimes it’s tech, sometimes it’s food and beer. But business is booming here in Northe…Read More

  7. Which Luxury Home For Sale In Northern Colorado Are You Looking For?

      There are so many reasons people might want to purchases a luxury home in Northern Colorado. Some are looking for a huge home, others for the surrounding space. We’ve found that these are three of the biggest things people are looking for. The Golf: It’s no surprise that many of our luxury homes are on golf courses. Sure, there are medium-priced houses on golf courses...but they’re no…Read More

  8. If You’ve Never Bought A Luxury Home Before…

      When you start searching for your luxury home here in Northern Colorado with your real estate agent, there are a few things that you’re going to notice that might surprise you. While not every home has these amenities, they’re becoming more and more popular in luxury real estate. Wine Cellar - Well, it’s not so much of a cellar as it is a “perfectly maintained and temperature-contro…Read More

  9. Just What Makes A House A Luxury Home In Northern Colorado?

    Luxury homes have been around for thousands of years. They’ve been called villas, estates, palaces, mansions, castles...all depending on the time and purpose they served. But what is the definition of a luxury home today? Well, as you might have guessed, it varies depending on many different factors. Price: A luxury home is expensive. But it’s very difficult to put a number on it, because loca…Read More

  10. What Is It About Luxury Homes In Northern Colorado That’s So Appealing, Part 2

      We talked last week about some of the appealing aspects of owning luxury real estate in Northern Colorado. We discussed the importance that space can play when purchasing a luxury home, as well as the joy in owning something so grand that people will talk about long after they leave. But those certainly aren’t the only reasons that people are looking for luxury homes. The Amenities: Pools…Read More