14086-cta4Let’s be honest. Owning in a luxury home is often more about “wants” than “needs.” You want a home theater, you want lots of space, you want to have a wine cellar and a large garage.

But wait…all of those “wants” can go into the “needs” category pretty easily. Let’s take a look.

Home theater room: If you’ve got teenagers, a home theater can be a great parenting tool. Teens want to get out of the house, but they also like to show off how cool their house is. Home theaters can encourage them to hang out with their friends in a controlled environment. If your teen is under your roof, it’s a good way to not only keep an eye on them but also know who they’re hanging out with.

The space: If you’re in the position where you’re looking to buy a luxury home, it might be a necessity that you have the occasional get-together with business partners. That’s why it’s important to have space, both indoors and out, where you can entertain.

Those extra rooms: If you work from home, or do lots of work from home, it’s important to keep your work separate from your home life. That’s why it’s a need to have those extra rooms. Have a den, a studio, or extra large garage so that you can do you work and then get away from it to another part of your home.

Sometimes your wants and your needs are closer than you might realize. When it’s time to move forward on looking for a luxury home for sale in Northern Colorado, give us a call.