luxuryCommunityCTARedFeatherYou might be wondering to yourself if a luxury home in Northern Colorado is for you. Sure you’ll enjoy living in it and the incredible amenities it can provide, but you also want to make sure that it also works as an investment in luxury real estate. So you might ask yourself, what goes into protecting your luxury home as an investment?

The area: The influx of people to Northern Colorado just doesn’t seem to be stopping. If you already live here, you know why: there’s a lot of fun stuff to do around here. And the weather isn’t nearly as bad as people imagine it is. Colorado is hot, and the outdoor activities it offers ensures a constant stream of young businesses wanting to grow here. Speaking of business…

The diversity of business: When someone says “Detroit,” what industry comes to mind? And when that auto industry faltered, what happened to Detroit?

Now think about Northern Colorado. It has an incredible diversity of businesses, and isn’t too reliant on any one. If HP left Fort Collins (which we hope never happens), it would hurt but wouldn’t cripple the town. Same with the Walmart distribution center in Loveland. But any one business leaving or shutting down isn’t going to send Northern Colorado into a downward spiral. The diversity makes us strong.

There are fewer luxury homes to go around – You might think to yourself “whenever I’m ready to sell, won’t there be fewer buyers since it’s a more expensive luxury home? True, but there are also fewer luxury home available. So in the end, the smaller number of people looking for a luxury homes is close to the smaller number of luxury home for sale in Northern Colorado.

When it comes to buying a luxury home in Northern Colorado, we really don’t think you have anything to worry about. Give us a call for some more information.