14086-cta2There are so many reasons people might want to purchases a luxury home in Northern Colorado. Some are looking for a huge home, others for the surrounding space. We’ve found that these are three of the biggest things people are looking for.

The Golf: It’s no surprise that many of our luxury homes are on golf courses. Sure, there are medium-priced houses on golf courses…but they’re not on the good golf courses! When you know what’s important to you, keep it close by by buying Northern Colorado real estate on the course. Chances are you’ll find a home with a nice golf cart garage door as well!

The View: Here on Northern Colorado’s front range, we all know what “the view” is. In most homes you have to wait until the drive to work in order to see the mountains. Look around and you might find a small home nestled up against a green space. But buy a luxury home on a lake and nobody’s going to build in front of you to ruin your view!

The Land: Here’s the great thing about having a big house…it requires more land! And if you’ve always wanted some space to let the kids (or grandkids) run around, or to plant that oversized garden, you can find a luxury home with at least an acre (or many more) that can keep your neighbors eyes out of your living room.

These are just a few of the amenities that you’ll find in many of our luxury homes here in Northern Colorado. We can find what you’re looking for, so call your real estate broker today!