cta1You might be wondering, “should I invest my money in a luxury home here in Northern Colorado?” Perhaps you think that there will be no one around to buy when you decide to sell. Well, let us tell you about the people who might be buying your home when you move:

Colorado is minting millionaires: Sometimes it’s tech, sometimes it’s food and beer. But business is booming here in Northern Colorado, and more and more people are getting pleasantly rich. And it’s not just the founders, either. There seems to be a generous spirit among the founders so that their early employees are doing very well from themselves as well.

Rich people are moving here: The idea of Colorado being for cowboys is fading away. People are finally realizing that you can have the outdoor life and real culture at the same time, and Northern Colorado is the perfect place to do so.

Californians are moving here: California is the number one state exporting citizens to Colorado. As people escape places like Los Angeles, they’re bringing with them the million dollars that they sold their 1,600 square-foot home for. And when they get here, they might just be wanting to spread out a little and get some space in the luxury home you have for sale.

Texans are moving here: Speaking of wanting some space, Texas is the second most common state to send us new citizens. Many Texans are coming from 4,000 square foot homes, but they might have only paid $250,000 for them. When they see what they can get for $250,000 here, they might be interested in upgrading if they have the means. After all, they don’t want to feel cramped.

Don’t worry, there should be plenty of buyers whenever you decide to sell your luxury real estate. Colorado isn’t going to become unpopular anytime soon!